The horrors of a camping shower

 Although we’re not taking hygiene too serious on this trip, we do feel that we all have to have a shower every couple of days. The most efficient way of doing that, we thought, was a family shower. So after gathering all our gear, two 5kr coins, a baby and a toddler, we headed  for the shower.

Getting undressed is were the challenge starts. Do it too soon and you’ll be bitten by the 50 mosquito’s flying around. Do it too late and you’re missing out on valuable hot water. C started to act up when he saw there was no baby bath in this facility and he would have to stand under a running shower. When we finally got him undressed he went into proper tantrum-mode and threatened to lay on the floor. A floor covered with hairs, dead insects and something that I hoped was snot..

LP also decided he was hungry or tired (or both) and started roaring. Mean while we tried to wash C’s hair who kepy yelling “No papa, No..” I was also focussed on not touching the floor with my bare feet. My gentleman husband offered to take C out of the shower so that I could wash my hair. With C and LP quite I tried to have a mindful moment washing my hair. Enjoying the hot wather, smelling  the scented shampoo when…. The water ran out….

2 comments for “The horrors of a camping shower

  1. Ahandy
    July 5, 2016 at 11:16

    Well there was a beleif in Ireland that you could wash using an egg cup. Do you power the water over your head or is that the alliteration water? I don’t know

  2. Ine
    July 4, 2016 at 20:25

    Volgende keer maar een familieduik in een van de Zweedse meren.

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