The great pig escape

travel-blog-nomadicnutters-pig-helloSunday is a rest day on the farm, so all work is optional. And as it was absolutely pouring down rain all day, nobody was venturing outside, not even the cats and dogs. All was quite and peaceful about the place. The pitter patter of rain drops bouncing off the caravan roof held us in an almost hypnotic trance as pools of water began to appear across the lawn.

Suddenly Laura (the German woofer) face popped up in the window. She gestured towards the barn and mouthed “We are going to release the pigs.” This was a task that had been on the cards for a few days now. The two big pigs (Lucy and Stalin) who were currently housed in an old barn where going to be let out into some green pasture.

Anne, C, LP, Dude and I looked at each other and then back at Laura in disbelief. Who came up with the idea to do this now, with the rain pissing down so heavily? Dragging LP, at four months, outside in this weather was out of the question. However C who is nearly three years was very eager to see the pigs.

So Anne elected to stay with Dude and LP, whilst I dashed around the front-tent trying to locate C’s boots and rain gear, not to mention my own. It was taking me so long I was afraid that it would all be over by the time we got there.

I need not have been concerned at all.

travel-blog-nomadicnutters-pig-vanAs I raced towards the barn with C hooked under my arm we met Stalin the pig coming the other way. Going in the complete wrong direction and on this side of the electric fence? Umm something was up!

Turns out the power had failed in the rain and the electric fence was dead.

So it was me, Benno, Maria, her three kids, the two German girls Laura and Lena and Oscar the Serbian against the two happy go lucky pigs Stalin and Lucy. The pigs are huge powerful noisy beasts but at the same time given their due respect they are very friendly and harmless enough really. And just rather ecstatic to be out and about even in the pouring rain, maybe especially in the pouring rain.

travel-blog-nomadicnutters-pig-drinkStalin tore around the wood pile and right past the caravan window from which Anne and C (whom I had dropped back inside once things went chaotic) were gazing out from. From there he made a dash down to the goats pasture, much to the horror of the two resident goats there. Together with Oscar and Laura we managed to get Stalin heading back towards the barn, even if he did stop to get a drink along the way, where Benno recaptured him.

travel-blog-nomadicnutters-pig-moveWhilst we had been hot on Stalin heels, Lucy the pig had apparently nipped into say hello to the two horses in the next field. I’m not sure who was more startled Lucy or the horses at this unexpected encounter. All three animals seemed to be running rings around each other whilst we looked on from the safety of the side lines.

Eventually Maria’s eldest daughter (16) cajoled Lucy back to the barn with a large bucket of pig feed. With both pigs now back under control and the goats and horses and humans unwinding from the unexpected turn of events, the rain stopped and the sun cut through the clouds.

To go back to the original question “Who came up with the idea to do this now,travel-blog-nomadicnutters-pig-water with the rain pissing down so heavily?” Who cares, it injected a lot of fun into what had been up until then a rather dull, wet boring Sunday. And as Maria happily pointed out later, neither pig had stumbled across her vegetable patch, otherwise there would have been no moving them and no food left for us.

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  1. Noel + Anne
    August 23, 2016 at 19:12

    Hi Tom not too unlike the story of the one little piggy who got away. Glad it brightened up your day. Love your stories and travels so far,we are following it all with baited breath.

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