Stromboli – the quiet, the bold, the beautiful


When one thinks of volcanos, you imagine tall forbidden looking peaks simmering with smoke and the threat of instant lava flow, but they can also be places of immense beauty and actually very peaceful and relaxing places to stay, especially if you pick an isolated village such as Ginostra on an isolated volcanic island such as Stromboli tucked away just off the North Western past of Sicily.

We arrived a day late due to seas being too rough for the boats to dock in the harbour. There are no cars in Ginostra so it took donkey power to get our stuff up the steep path way from the harbour to our house which had unbroken views of both the sea and the Volcano.

We had two wonderfully chilled out and relaxing days on Stromboli, wandering around the tiny paved footpaths of Ginostra, hiking around the base and bit of the way up the Volcano, dining under the stars and admiring the distant lightening and thunder storms across the sea.

Our only regret was that we did not stay longer.

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