Gone full circle

travel-blog-nomadicnutters-recap-nn136 days on the road, 16646 km driven, 14 borders crossed, 6 car ferries taken, 5 passenger ferries, 1 broken wing mirror, 5 islands, 1 sandwich-cake, 31 campsites, 6 AirBnB properties, 1 puppet show, 2 dead roosters, 3 petrol stations sleep overs next to some truckers and 1 pasta making machine.

Those are just some of the stats of our trip but they are the least important part of it.

Myself, Anne, C, LP and Dude got to spend the last 4.5 months together every single day. There were some drawbacks of course. I now know why childcare is so expensive and why it’s worth every cent. I have nothing but respect for stay at home parents. It is a tough time consuming task, day in day out but it can also be it’s own reward to those fortunate enough to have kids. They really do grown up fast, really fast! It was a privilege to get to spend so much uninterrupted time together with my family. For that fact alone the whole trip was worth while.

Some of our highlights include soaking up the Midsommer with real Swedes, dragging our caravan across the Arctic Circle and onwards to the breathtakingly beautiful Lofoten Islands, getting down and dirty on the WWOOFing farm, hanging out on crazy campsites with the Eastern Europeans and sleeping on a Volcano and of course meeting up with the various family and friends that we crossed paths with us along the way. Europe is a great little continent and we have only scratched the surface.

I’m writing this blog post from the Netherlands, we have come full circle. We had to cut our trip a bit short leaving Spain and Portugal for another time. But the journey is far from over……

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