Answering Ireland’s call.

During our travels we have decided to take our lives down a different path.

We are uprooting the family and heading to the wet and wild West Coast of Ireland where I intend to get a job in the Irish IT industry while Anne will work on establishing an Agri-tourism business.

Once set up on the ground and back earning money we hope to roll out some Tiny Houses that hopefully take in some of spectacular ocean views and mix in a few farm animals, fire-pits, Gypsy wagons and the like and see how it all works out for us. Contrary to popular belief it does not actually rain all the time in Ireland, it’s only about half the time 🙂

The move was not a straightforward decision for us, as we were both quite happy with our old lives, enjoyed living in Eindhoven, surrounded by family and friends. We both had good jobs that challenged us and were fun and rewarding places to work. But sometimes you just have to follow your dreams and see what becomes of them.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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