About us

oz tree plantingNomadic Nutters is a family blog, tracking the ups and downs of Anne (Dutch), Tom (Irish), their two kids and Dude the dog whilst away on their travels.

Since our paths cross back in 2006 on a remote tree plantation in Western Australia we have trotted around the globe, from our home base in the Netherlands, on and off, here and there, in our own wee way seeing what Planet Earth has to tickle our fancy, along the way.

Travelling is in our blood, it really gels us together as a couple and a family unit. We get almost as much pleasure from planning a trip as from the journey itself. Over the years we have camped on Canada camperFrench hilltops huddling against lightening storms, meandered along Amazonian rivers in dug out canoes in the jungle heart of Suriname, bet it all on red in Vegas (and lost), chilled out in cosy cottages in Ireland, cruised along mountain passes in Canadian national parks, squashed into overcrowded hostels in the Australian Outback and lapped up the luxury of 5 star hotels in Prague and even became proud owners of a T3 VW campervan which we christened De Witte Dame or the White Lady.

We are not financially rich by Western standards but both work full time and earn a comfortable living. We do however live relatively frugally (inspired by MMM) and try to fill our lives with experiences Dudeinstead of stuff. In 2016 following the birth of our second son we have arranged with our employers to get 6 months unpaid paternity leave from our jobs and are getting geared up for our North-South European tour. The rough plan is to spend the 3 summer months in Scandinavia, a few weeks in Eastern Europe before we retreat southwards from the advancing winter chills to the warmth of Southern Italy, Spain and Portugal. We will be traveling and living in a caravan which we picked up after the untimely demise of our Witte Dame, which needs a bit of pimping before being transformed into our cosy home on wheels.

We will use this blog to let those who are interested, in keeping tabs on us, stay in the loop whilst we are on the road.

To you who are about to read, we salute you!

Tom, Anne, C, LP and Dude